I have always liked the Town of Oaklandon, Indiana. In the late 1970's I was employed by Lawrence Parks Department and was often tasked with mowing the grass, picking up litter and emptying trash barrels at the Oaklandon Road "Play Park" (beneath the landmark water tower on the corner of Broadway Street.) In 2002 my wife and I had the chance to move out of the Near East Side of Indianapolis and found a charming "fixer-upper" in Oaklandon and continue to enjoy this town.

From what I have been able to gather, Oaklandon Indiana has a very interesting history. However, it has not been very easy finding specific information about our town on the internet. It occurs to me that fellow community members might never learn many of the interesting facts about our community due to the disbursed nature of available information. I have decided to create this website as a way to consolidate the available information and hopefully learn more in my quest to build and maintain this website. It is my sincere hope that you might find it useful and entertaining.

You are encouraged to register for a member account and contribute by way of comments and/or article submissions. If you have any leads on Oaklandon historical repositorys or even bits and pieces please email me at oaklandon@deburger.com.

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Thank you for visiting this website. Visit Historic Oaklandon and environs when you get the chance and experience the home-town vibe for yourself.

Michael S. DeBurger