Class of 1929 - Oaklandon High School

I once again find myself in the role of de-facto historian for all things Oaklandon...

In an email recieved from Gail Wisehart I learned that she had a picture "found when cleaning out my parents house in McCordsville" that featured the Oaklandon High School Class of 1929. Not wishing this obvious historical piece to go to waste, she asked if we would like to take possession; of course I was quite interested.

Making the 30 mile trek to recover this artifact was well worth the journey. The item was an 11" X 14" framed print featuring the ten individuals making up the class.


I managed a fairly decent photo-copy of the print and gladly share it here. The highest resolution is available in 4160px X 3120px ".TIF" file format using [THIS LINK].

An interesting side-note: upon closer inspection, handwriting on the reverse suggests that this photograph was originally the possession of Lawrence McConnel (pictured), purchased from Mahaffey Photo for the princely sum of 85 cents. In addition, the framed photograph was backed with a section of the May 15, 1933 edition of The Indianapolis News with a picture of Fay Wray "prepared to face the summer suns in her white spectator sports ensemble with its smart cape."

You will find detail images of each person featured below.
Click on each picture to enlarge...

Lawrence McConnell OHS 1929Lawrence McConnell
Oliver Bruce OHS 1929Oliver Bruce
Georgia S Jackson OHS 1929Georgia S Jackson
Harriet Watson OHS 1929Harriet Watson
Catherine Ullman OHS 1929Catherine Ullman
Martha Eaks OHS 1929Martha Eaks
Irine Negely OHS 1929Irine Negely
Lewis Apple OHS 1929Lewis Apple
Cecil Apple OHS 1929Cecil Apple
Donna Flanagan OHS 1929Donna Flanagan

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