An Explanation that Explains

Indianapolis News,Indianapolis, Marion County, 25 July 1901

An Explanation that Explains

An Explanation that Explains

why Vitalized Air, as administered at our office. Is a SAFE, SURE, SCIENTIFIC ANAESTHETIC.

"You can use my name to endorse Vitalised Air. I had 21 teeth extracted without a sign of pain or bad effects afterward. In fact I felt better after the operation. I believe it the only way to have teeth extracted. “Mrs. John Moore, Oaklandon, Ind.”

Lasts just long enough to insure perfect painless results.


It fulfills the expectations of the very nervous and delicate.

All money paid for extracting is credited on your plate if ordered.—

GOLD CROWNS {$5.00 No Less. No More.} BRIDGE WORK
Only 22-kt. gold used, and finished like Jewelry.

Experienced Expert Extractors of Teeth

25 West Washington Street.
Sunday 9 to 1.
Daily 8 to 6.
Opp. Newe.

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