On Charge Of Arson

Indianapolis Journal, Volume 52, Number 241,Indianapolis,
Marion County, 29 August 1902

On Chargeof Arson


ON CHARGE OF AHSON. Surl M. Fletcher and William Mock Sent to the Grand Jury, Surl M. ("Kid") Fletcher, who was arrested one week ago with William Mock, a saloon keeper at No. 23 North Alabama street, on the charge of burning Perry C. Apple's barn, in Oaklandon, three years ago. was bound over to the grand jury yesterday afternoon in a bond of $1,000. Mock was also bound over to the grand Jury in a like sum on the charge of conspiring to commit a felony. During the trial evidence was introduced that showed Fletcher was guilty of burning the barn. When the information first reached the police it came from Fletcher, who said that his wife, who had left the city with another man. had burned the stable. An investigation was begun and Fletcher was arrested, charged with the crime. Mrs. Fletcher was placed on the stand yesterday and testified that she was with her husband the night the barn was fired. She said she saw him light the match and also pour kerosene on the timbers. She said Fletcher told her that he was to receive $50 from Mock for the job. Mock, she said, had a grievance against Apple on account of opposition Apple had raised when Mock wanted to operate a saloon In Oaklandon.

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